Maître de conférences HDR en Informatique
LAMIA Laboratory,
University of the French West Indies and Guiana, France

Hello everyone and Welcome on my homepage !
My research path began in 2009, during my internship research conducted at the LAMIA laboratory for my master's degree, on the topic of the use of wireless sensor networks for habitat monitoring. During this work I have adressed various interesting problems such as counting problems, movement pattern detection, social data collection and behavior analysis.
In 2010 I have started my PhD at the LAMIA Lab., under the direction of Professor Martine Collard, on the topic of social network analysis.
Let me clarify immediately that by ''social networks'', I mean interaction networks and more precisely a particular type of networks, called ''complex networks'', whose the evolution leads to the emergence of specific structural properties (small word, scale-free, high clustering coefficient, community structures, etc.). Thus, my three main research axes are oriented as follows:
- Diffusion problem in Social Networks:
- Social Network Mining:
- Social network data collection:

This website aims to promote my research activities, and more generally the so-called ''Network Science'', an emerging approach to study many real worl phenomena.
Find below a brief overview of the latest news in my activities.

Enjoy the website and do not hesitate to contact me for any exciting dicussion about networks :D
E. Stattner

Keywords: Social network; complex network; social network analysis and mining; diffusion; percolation; network dynamics; evolution model; spatial model; multi-agent model; human behavior; frequent pattern; formal concept analysis; conceptual clustering

Yiruma – River Flows in You (Cover) at Chatelet les Halles, Paris, France

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Johann Pachelbel – Canon (Piano cover)

Castle in the Sky (Piano cover)

Participation to IEEE RCIS’2015

At the 9th international IEEE RCIS Conference 2015 at #Acropolis #Athens #Greece


Lancement de ThotS

Découvrez mon nouvel outil de collecte et d’analyse ThotS

My Presentation at IEEE RCIS 2014

My presentation at the
IEEE Eighth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (IEEE RCIS 2014),
May 28-30 2014, Marrakesh, Morocco

ER-Net: Eternal-Return model based Network

Tool for simulating diffusion phenomena on moving agents

Martine Collard, Philippe Collard, Erick Stattner: Mobility and Information Flow: Percolation in a Multi-Agent Model. ANT/MobiWIS 2012: 22-29




Lypus: Tool for simulating sensor networks in natural environments

Tool for simulating sensor networks in natural environments

Erick Stattner, Martine Collard, Philippe Hunel, Nicolas Vidot: Wireless sensor networks for social network data collection. LCN 2011: 867-874

Download tool:

Rubik’s cube simulator

Ce programme simule le fonctionnement d’un Rubik’s cube 3x3x3.
Par simplicité, il reprend les conventions internationales de déplacement (U, D, L, R, etc.).

PhD in Computer Science

Monday, December 10, 2012… I became a PhD in Computer Science

Merci à tous de votre soutien…

Erick Stattner

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